Everything began with a wedding...

Not ours, but we were both witnesses, and since then we have not left each other!

From there was born SCHNELLYSS
(Benoît SCHNELLi and Tessalia wYSS)

From small trips abroad to small cycling tours in the vicinity, an idea has germinated: to leave to travel together!
"But then, we do it by bike," Benoît quickly added.

It's eyes full of dreams that we mount our tandem, to go to the end of the world ... and maybe a little further! 



Date of birth : 24 february 1987

Job : Interior architect

Speak : French, english, spanish, german

Sport : Gymnastic, pole dance   

Photo profil site web 2014

Date of birth : 23 september 1979

Job : Geomatics technician

Speak : French, a little english, swiss-german and spanish

Sport : Bycicle, floorball

Tessalia was born in Nicaragua, where she lived her first three years.

During her studies in interior architecture, she made a study trip to Shanghai. A total change of scenery, which gave her the taste of travel. After studying, she decided to go on a long-term journey to learn languages and to discover other horizons (including Nicaragua, "her" country). When she returned, she had only one desire, to leave angain!

"Quit your job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love, never return."

Sportive by nature, but rather in other sports than cycling, which she had never considered to make for a trip, she loves the new challenges, and followed Benoît in this crazy adventure (well yes, the transport doesn't matter, it's always a trip!)

Benoît was born in the sweetness of the countryside near St-Gall, between a cotton and a chocolate factory. The only boy in the maternity, and was called a "han in korb".

He emigrated to Friborg very early. He is an eternal map-lover, he studied draftsman-surveyor, then became a geomatics technician. Without having specially made big trips (it all depends on what is meant by big), he always liked to move by bike.

"I do not bike to stay in shape, even if it has to help, I do not bike to win trophies, even if I understand those who do, I do not bike to preserve the environment, Even if it's great that I contribute to it.I do not bike because I hate cars (I would love a Spider Alpha Romeo Convertible 1978) .If I ride a bike it's because it Allows me to slow down and see the world with the eyes of a child. "

She likes:

  • To wrap around a pole until she gets brews
  • Taking pictures of everything
  • To do list


She doesn't like:

  • When others tell her what to do
  • going fast downhill
  • The stress of everyday life

He likes:

  • Biking for long rides
  • To draw the path he makes (with his bike) on maps
  • Listen to other people's conversation

He doesn't like:

  • stay for hours at the table
  • to be overtaken by drivers
  • to be late