Zona Franca (Mexico)

A bit of advertising for companies that support us or just the one we like.

Hase bike, that invented our inseparable bicycle.
Christian Touzé
, who designed and manufactured our superb trailer.
Version Originale Cycles, which repairs our bikes and offers us beautiful rides.
INSER SA, which greatly make it us easier for the georeferencing of our articles and our pictures.
Gehri AG,  former employer of Tessalia, for their support., that helps us find our way wherever we are.
Our hosts Warmshower for the good nights and nice meetings.


Other travelers:

Maud, Jonas and their children, who travel the world in a motorhome.
Aline and Olivier,  the horizon hunters
The Buerkis, who come back from a long journey and offer cool t-shirts
Olivier and Elodie, a former co-worker of Benoit
Maud Scheid, cyclo-traveler
Normand and Hélène  two Quebecers we often see on our road
Ed and Gaye still young Australian cyclists
Rolf the crazy german
Tim and Steve our hosts San Diego warmshowers
Fabian und Salome a zuricher couple we met  in the San Blas