The Americas: 1 continent, 15 countries

It is on the one hand Tessalia’s desire of moving away and on the other hand Benoit’s passion for cycling that encouraged us to reflect on the idea of leaving our stressful lives in Switzerland behind. The thought of discovering new horizons and experiencing new adventures together convinced us very quickly to go for this adventure.

It is our project to set off with our tandem Anchorage in direction of Alaska and then along the west coast of Americas.

Why did we choose this route? We are not crazy, as you can see we chose a route going downhill.

It allows us to travel through different countries: there are the fresh Canadian  forests for Benoit and the heat of Central America for Tessalia.  Since we are on our way we feel it would be a pity to stop here, so why not go down to Ushuaia.

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."